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Last updated:08 July 2015

Pat Thane talk on the 1945 welfare reforms

Event location: WCML

Date: 16th Sep 2015

Event time: 14:00 to 15:00

Pat Thane, Research Professor in Contemporary British History, Institute of Contemporary British History, King's College, London, will speak about the post-war welfare reforms.

Pat says: 'As the present government heads to the final destruction of the post-war welfare state, it is timely to ask exactly what the Attlee government did, as distinct from right-wing myths about it. Their main priorities after 1945 were full employment at decent rates of pay, for the first time in British history, and economic reconstruction and growth, on the grounds that work was the best means to maximise personal welfare. These were achieved. Also expansion of state welfare to support adequately those unable to work due to age, disability etc., and to improve the education and health of the whole population as goods in themselves and good for the economy. The government, like Beveridge, were strongly opposed to the idea of a welfare state as a "dependency state" '.

Admission free.

This talk is part of a series running alongside the Library exhibition Spirit of '45: from warfare to welfare

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