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Last updated:30 July 2015

Nat, Sam and Ramona - the story of a Spanish Civil War photograph

Event location: WCML

Date: 14th Oct 2015

Event time: 14:00 to 15:00

Talk by Marshall Mateer based on new research from items in the WCML archive. This is the story of three volunteers – Nat Cohen, Sam Masters and Ramona Siles Garcia - during the early months of the Spanish Civil War in 1936; the 1930s and why they went to the front; their contact with other volunteers including Felicia Browne, Tom Wintringham and the Tom Mann Centuria; being wounded, the British Medical Unit at Grañén and being sent back to London; Sam Masters's death at Brunete in 1937; Nat and Ramona’s later life; and the nature of photography and memory.

Admission free; light refreshments after.

Nat Cohen, Sam Masters and Ramona Siles Garcia

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