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Last updated:14 May 2018

International Women's Day/Wonder Women event - Lynx Theatre's play Sylvia

Event location: Working Class Movement Library

Date: 3rd Mar 2018

Event time: 14:00 to 16:00


We mark International Women's Day, and the centenary of (some) women getting the vote, with a play by Lynx Theatre about Sylvia Pankhurst, who has been called “the greatest Englishwoman of the twentieth century”.  She trained as an artist, but when her mother and sister founded the Women’s Social and Political Union she gave up her art to rouse the women of the East End.  Her story is told against a background of 250 slides of her paintings, archive photographs, and locations in England and Europe.

The play will be followed by an audience discussion led by Jacqueline Mulhallen, the author and actress.

This is a ‘pay what you decide’ event, so we will be taking payment on the day. However places needed to be booked in advance, and the event and its waiting list are NOW FULL...


Wonder Women logo

This event is part of Wonder Women 2018, a special edition of Manchester’s annual radical feminist festival, marking 100 years since some women first won the right to vote in Britain. Explore the full programme running throughout March at creativetourist.com/wonderwomen.

It also links with our project Voting for Change - 150 years of radical movements, 1819 to 1969 - find out more here