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Last updated:28 May 2015

Ernest Jones commemorative jug

Ernest Jones was a lawyer, poet, journalist and one of the later leaders of the Chartists.

ernest jones commemorative mug

He was born in 1819 in Germany and lived there until he was 19, when his family returned to England. He got married in 1840 and began a career as a barrister. In 1845 he broke away from his career and became an honorary leader of the Chartists.

He issued periodicals such as The Labourer, the Northern Star, Notes of the People and the People’s Paper. In 1848 he was arrested for sedition after a lecture in Manchester and sentenced to 2 years solitary confinement at Newgate.

Ernest Jones wrote several novels and included his poems and songs in his periodicals. One of his most famous songs is the ‘Song of the low’.

Jones died in 1869 in Manchester. This mug was produced as a commemorative item after his death.


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Inaugural Frow memorial lecture

On 1 May 2010 we successfully held the first annual Frow memorial lecture, in memory of the Library’s founders Ruth and Eddie Frow.

he lecture ‘Till the Struggle is O'er: The Poetry of Chartism’ by Dr Mike Sanders, was about Chartist poetry and its importance as an outlet for working class creativity, and as a vital part of Chartism's struggle for fundamental democratic rights.

The lecture included Chartist poems read by Maxine Peake and Chartist songs sung by Corista.

May 2010


Resources about Ernest Jones in the library collection

Ernest Jones: who is he? what has he done? [ca. 1867] - Shelfmark: D19

In memoriam: Ernest Jones (1879) - Shelfmark: D16

In memoriam: an oration on the death of Ernest Jones, Esq. the people's friend delivered by FR Lees (1874) - Shelfmark: D19

The life of Ernest Jones by Frederick Leary (1887) - Shelfmark: D15

A short sketch of the life and labours of Ernest Jones, Chartist, barrister, and poet to which is added several of his poems by David P Davies (1897) - Shelfmark: D19

Ernest Jones: the people's friend by AB Wakefield ( 1891) [in Social Revolution] - Shelfmark: J19/10

The representation of Manchester: who shall be its third member - a letter addressed to Sir Elkanah Armitage, Knight, Chairman of the Liberal Party by William Stokes  [ca. 1868] [in Pamphlets] - Shelfmark: J25/2

Diary of Ernest Jones 1839-47 - In Our history ; Pamphlet 21 (Spring 1961), 20p - Shelfmark: A61

Ernest Jones - In The social-democrat: a monthly socialist review; Vol. 2 no.5 (May 1898), pp131-133 - Shelfmark: R11

The labourer: a monthly magazine of politics, literature, poetry, &c edited by Feargus O'Connor and Ernest Jones, Vols 1-4 (1847-1848) - Shelfmark: D43