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Last updated:29 May 2015

KS3-4+ Citizenship resources

Free downloadable teaching resources for Citizenship and History KS 3 - 4+.

On this page you will find useful resources for teaching Citizenship at Key Stages 3, 4 and beyond.

Student in the Thomas Paine project

Key Stage 3-4 Citizenship

Thomas Paine is a key figure in the history of the Working Class Movement, and the library has worked with 3 schools to produce 3 films with accompanying lesson plans for use in the citizenship/ history classroom.

The films encourage students to question their role in society, and what they can do to change the community around them.

KS3/4 Concepts KS3/4 Processes
Democracy & Justice 1.1b, c, d Critical Thinking & Enquiry 2.1a, c
Rights & Responsibilities 1.2a, b, c Advocacy & Representation 2.2a, b, c
Identities & Diversity 1.3a, d Taking Informed & Responsible Action 2.3a


students in their thomas paine costumes

 View the 'Thinking Independently' Films here

 Thinking Independently: Ideas for Tomorrow Download the KS4 Lesson Plan (pdf 57KB)

 Thinking Independently: Is the UK an Equal Society? Download the KS3 Lesson Plan (pdf 105KB)

Key Stage 3-4 History

For cross-curricular History resources click here

Click here for more information about Thomas Paine

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