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Shipwrights' Unions

Ship Constructors' and Shipwrights' Association

A brief history

Part of Shipwrights annual report title

1882 - the Associated Society of Shipwrights was formed from 18 local shipwrights' societies. It later changed its name to the Associated Shipwrights' Society. Between 1882 and 1908 more independent societies joined.

1908 - it changed name to the Shipconstructive and Shipwrights' Association after several major amalgamations including the Amalgamated Society of Drillers and Cutters in 1910.

1913 - the name was changed again to the Ship Constructors' and Shipwrights' Association.

1963 - it became part of the Amalgamated Society of Boilermakers, Blacksmiths, Shipbuilders and Structural Workers, which itself amalgamated to become GMB in 1982.

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Shipwrights' unions archives in our collection

Ship Constructors' and Shipwrights' Association (TU/SHIP)

  • Annual reports, 1882-1963 (not complete)Shipconstructors and Shipwrights Association badge
  • Reports and papers, 1889-1917
  • Executive Committee and committee minute books, 1909-1966 (not complete)
  • Annual delegate meeting minutes, 1876-1912
  • Rules books, 1882-1952
  • Special statements of members 1908-1913, agreements and other papers including correspondence, price lists and handbooks
  • Branch records including Belfast, Bristol, Clyde, Fleetwood, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Tyne and Wear and Yarrow.
Resources about shipwrights' unions in the library

David Dougan, The Shipwrights (1975) - Shelfmark: B30


Resources held by the Modern Records Office

Other records are held at the Modern Records Centre, University of Warwick:
Ship Constructors' and Shipwrights' Association (GB 0152 MSS.192/AS)

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