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Typographical unions

A brief timeline

Typographical Association badge1797 - Manchester Typographical Society formed

1810 - Leeds Typographical Society formed

1849 - Provincial Typographical Association formed

1877 - Provincial Typographical Association changed name to Typographical Association

1895 - Leeds Typographical Society joined the Typographical Association

1914 - Manchester Typographical Society joined the Typographical Association by 1914

1964 - Typographical Association amalgamated with the London Typographical Association to form the National Graphical Association

1990 - National Graphical Association amalgamated with the Society of Graphical and Allied Trades '82 (SOGAT '82) to form the Graphical, Paper and Media Union

2004 - Graphical, Paper and Media Union merged with AMICUS

2007 - AMICUS merged with the Transport and General Workers Union to form Unite.

Unite still exists today, click here to visit their Web site.


Resources about Typographical unions in the library collection

The Library's holdings about typographical unions include Typographical Association material from 1849 to 1964, and National Graphical Association material from 1964 to 1990.  This includes delegate meeting and National Council reports 1893-1992; Leeds Typographical Society material 1837-1988; London Typographical Society material 1901-1985; as well as substantial Manchester Typographical Society holdings.

Henry Slatter (compiler), Richard Hackett (ed.), The Typographical Association: a fifty years' record, 1849-1899  (ca. 1899) - Shelfmark: B30

AE Musson, The Typographical Association: origins and history up to 1949 (1954) - Shelfmark: B34

J Reynolds, The letter press printers of Bradford: a short history of the Bradford Graphical Society (formerly Bradford Typographical Society) (no date) - Shelfmark: AF Print Box 3

Sarah C Gillespie, A hundred years of progress: the record of the Scottish Typographical Association, 1853 to 1952 (1953) - Shelfmark: B30

John Gennard, A history of the National Graphical Association (1990) - Shelfmark: H41


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Resources held by the Modern Records Office

Other records are held at the Modern Records Centre, University of Warwick:
London Typographical Society (MSS.28/LTS, MSS.39/LTS)
National Graphical Association (MSS.39/NGA, MSS.28/NGA, MSS.39/I)
Typographical Association (MSS.39/TPA)
Scottish Typographical Association (MSS.39/STA)

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