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Last updated:30 November 2015

Peace resources

Examples of peace organisations represented in the collections of the WCML

Stop the War logoAssociation for World Peace

Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation

British Peace Assembly

British Peace Committee

British Youth Peace Assembly

Campaign Caravan Workshops

Campaign against the Arms Trade

Campaign against Militarism

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND)

Canadian Peace Congress

Canadian Peace Research Institute

Charter for Peace and Social Justice

Council of Action for Peace and Reconstruction

European Nuclear Disarmament

Ex-Servicemen’s Movement for Peace

Fellowship of Reconciliation

International Confederation for Disarmament and Peace

Labour Pacifist Fellowship

Manchester and District Anti-War Council

Medical Campaign against Nuclear Weapons

Mothers for Peace

Movement for a Pacifist Church of Christ

National Peace Council

No Conscription Council

No Conscription Fellowship

Nuclear Free Weapon Zones

Pax Christi

Peace Alliance

Peace Ballot Association

Peace Camps   eg Greenham Common, Faslane

Peace Pledge Union

People’s Congress for Peace

Salford Against the Missiles

Scientists against Nuclear Arms

Society of Friends (Quakers)

Stop the War Coalition

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

Swords into Ploughshares

War Resisters International

Women’s Federation for World Peace

World Congress for Peace

World Council for Peace

World Disarmament Campaign


Examples of periodicals in our collection

Labour peace newsletter
Publisher     Labour Peace Fellowship; Labour Action for Peace
Incomplete run from 1969 to 1979
Continued as: Labour peace action
Publisher     Labour Action for Peace
Incomplete run from 1979 to 2003
(Shelfmark Labour Party - Periodicals A-Z)

Peace News from the Peace Pledge Union – incomplete run from 1937 to 2003 (Shelfmark: Newspapers main sequence, Newspapers – Oversized, then Periodicals main sequence)

Sanity from CND – incomplete run from 1960 to 1991(Shelfmark: Newspapers main sequence then Periodicals main sequence)

The word: organ of the United Socialist Movement (written in large part by Glaswegian anarchist Guy Aldred, who was opposed to both World Wars)
Run from 1939 to1948, then incomplete run from 1956 to 1963 (Shelfmark S50) and Vol 25 No 12 (Apr/May 1965) (Shelfmark Anarchism - Periodicals A-Z)

Search the catalogue here for full details of our holdings of these journals, and other material relating to peace

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