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Last updated:22 April 2015

Black and Asian struggles

1960s -1980s

From the late 1940s onwards the existing Black and Asian population in Britain was increased by migration from the Caribbean (particularly Jamaica) and from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, resulting in substantial communities in London, Bradford, Leicester, Birmingham, Manchester and other towns.

Poster for the conference Coming together for equal rights

There was a short but vicious outbreak of anti-black rioting in Nottingham and in the Notting Hill area of London in the summer of 1958. The following year a young black man named Kelso Cochrane was murdered in North Kensington. His killer was never found.

By the early 1960s, race and immigration into Britain had become major domestic political issues. They featured strongly, for instance, in the Smethwick constituency during the 1964 general election and in what become known as the "rivers of blood" speech made by leading Tory politician Enoch Powell on 20 April 1968.

Tory and Labour government responded with a series of Immigration Acts which, by the end of the 1960s, had effectively ended primary migration into Britain from the Caribbean and Indian sub-continent.

Black and Asian communities felt under attack. There was consistent evidence of discrimination and prejudice in housing, education, social services, while young people were getting increasingly angry at their treatment by the police. In August 1976 young black people fought the police at the Notting Hill Carnival, there was rioting in Brixton in April 1981 (followed some months later by disturbances in Liverpool, Manchester and elsewhere) and again in 1985 and also in Birmingham in September 1985.

There was a range of community responses:

The Campaign Against Racial Discrimination was founded in 1964 to lobby the Labour government Poster for the Roots Festival 81for anti-discrimination laws. A key figure was David Pitt, one of the first Black Labour councillors.

The Indian Workers Association (Great Britain) was founded in 1958 from a number of existing organisations. It took up social and welfare issues, campaigned against discrimination and had good links with the British trade union movement. Key figures were Avtar Jouhl and Jagmohan Joshi.

In the 1970s a large number of mainly short-lived, but often very active organisations were formed which produced journals and newspapers, such as Race Today.

In the wake of the deaths of 13 young people in an arson attack in 1981 the New Cross Massacre Action Committee mobilised 20,000 people in protest.

Source for Black and Asian struggles in our collections


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