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Last updated:24 April 2015

Objects of the Month 2011

Every month someone from the Library chooses an interesting object, book or document from the Library collection, which is displayed in the hall of the Library. Here are a selection from 2011. Click on the links to see more information.

March: International Women's Day centenary

Drawing sent to the Lancashire Women Against Pit Closures Campaign2011 marks the centenary of International Women's Day.  The Library celebrated the occasion with a free event, Striking a Light, on Saturday 5 March. March's Object of the Month is a drawing sent by 'Isobel aged Twelve yrs 9 months' to express solidarity with the Lancashire Women Against Pit Closures Campaign in 1993.


September: Plate celebrating the passing of the Manchester Ship Canal Bill, August 1885

Manchester Ship Canal commemorative plateThe idea of a ship canal giving Manchester direct access to the sea was championed by Manchester engineer and boiler manufacturer Daniel Adamson from 1882 onwards. Civil engineer Edward Leader Williams's plans were selected to form the basis of a Bill submitted to Parliament in November 1882.


October: Gandhi in Darwen, September 1931

Cotton crisis resolutionOn 28 April 1931 a mass meeting was held in Blackburn to voice concerns about the state of the Lancashire cotton industry, in the light of the Indian National Congress Party's boycott of British goods - particularly textiles. Five months later, Gandhi came to London for a conference on India's future, and was invited to travel to Darwen to see for himself the hardship being suffered by the local textile industry.