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Last updated:23 April 2015

Land and Freedom

July's object was Land and Freedom, screenplay by Jim Allen

Jane Taylor, Project Librarian chose this month's object:

Cover of the final draft script of Land and Freedom by Jim Allen

Final draft script

"I am a big film fan and I am an especially big fan of the work of Jim Allen and Ken Loach. I like the way that they both wear their hearts on their sleeves when making their films and that this doesn't always make for easy viewing."

"Land and Freedom is typical of this, especially as it stirs up controversy over splits in the Republican movement. Most importantly, it is an engrossing film"

Land and Freedom, written by Jim Allen and directed by Ken Loach, tells the story of David Carr, a communist from Liverpool who goes to Spain to fight for the Republican cause. He intends to join the International Brigades, but instead enlists in the POUM militia.

Jim Allen was a playwright who was born in Miles Platting in 1926. He first started writing when he was a miner and eventually decided to write full-time. He went on to write numerous plays and film scripts, with his most notable collaborations being with Ken Loach.

Jim Allen, who died in 1999, left his books and papers to the library. Click here to find out more.

July 2009

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