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Last updated:22 December 2015

Jubilee Exhibition, Manchester 1887

May's object was the Royal Jubilee Exhibition official catalogue, Manchester 1887

Veronica Trick, volunteer, chose this month's object:

"The Book Worms
Through and through th'inspired leaves,
Ye maggots make your windings;
But O respect his lordship's taste,
And spare his golden bindings.

Burns 1787

I love books and, unlike his lordship, value their contents more than their presentation. However, this book just leapt out at me initially because it is such a beautifully made object. The bindings, the quality of the paper, the way the pages are arranged make it wonderful to handle - and the contents are interesting too!"

Royal Jubilee Exhibition

The Royal Jubilee Exhibition celebrated 50 years of Queen Victoria's reign. Its theme was progress in art, science and industry during this time. It was held at Trafford Park (near Old Trafford cricket ground) and open to the public. It even had its own temporary train station.

plan of the royal jubilee exhibition, manchester 1887The official catalogue shows that there were sections on machinery, chemicals, industrial design and also fine arts, cotton, silk and an Irish section.

The catalogue contains details of businesses across the Country that assisted with the creation of the exhibition. Many of these businesses were from Manchester and the surrounding areas.

Olde Manchester and Salford

Olde Manchester and Salford was another section of the exhibition. It consisted of full scale models of buildings from Manchester and Salford's past, starting from the Roman times and included Market Sted Lane, Ancoats Hall and Salford Cross. People could walk through the reconstructed buildings and streets.

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Some resources about the history of Manchester and Salford in the library collection

Royal Jubilee Exhibition, Manchester 1887: official catalogue (1887) - Shelfmark: B37

James Butterworth, The antiquities of the town, and a complete history of the trade of Manchester - with a description of Manchester and Salford, to which is added an account of the late improvements in the town, &c (1822) - Shelfmark: B53

Alfred Darbyshire, A book of olde Manchester and Salford (1887) - Shelfmark: B55

The Manchester guide: a brief historical description of the towns of Manchester and Salford, the public buildings, and the charitable and literary institutions (1804) - Shelfmark: B55

A concise description of Manchester and Salford - containing an account of their antiquities public buildings &c.... (no date) - Shelfmark: D35

Thomas Ashworth, Sketches of old Manchester and Salford (ca. 1877) - Shelfmark: Q42

Reminiscences of old Manchester and Salford: telling how we kept Whitsuntide sixty years ago, with an account of Manchester races in the time of George III., and a faithful description of Manchester and Salford when the Queen was born; dealing with the old highways, byeways, ancient buildings, and the sports of the olden time (1887) - Shelfmark: AG Manchester Box 3

Ian Beesley, Victorian Manchester and Salford (1988) - Shelfmark: X22

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