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Last updated:20 April 2015

190th Anniversary of the Peterloo Massacre

August's objects are items from the Library relating to the Peterloo Massacre

The 16th August 2009 marked the 190th anniversary of the Peterloo massacre.

peterloo massacre Local radicals had called the meeting as part of a campaign for the political reform of parliament. By 1pm on 16th August 1819, tens of thousands of men, women and children had gathered on St Peter's Field, many having marched in procession from outlying towns.

The magistrates and town authorities feared an uprising and had made extensive preparations.

The meeting had scarcely begun before they ordered the arrest the main speaker, Henry Hunt, and sent in the Manchester Yeomanry who attacked the crowd with their sabres. The authorities then sent in the regular army who swept the crowd from the field.

At least 18 died either on the field or later from their injuries, whilst many hundreds were injured.

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peterloo massacre
August 2009

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