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Last updated:02 January 2018

Object of the Month

Every month someone from the Library chooses an interesting object, book or document from the Library collection, which is displayed in the hall of the Library.

January 2018 - Graphic books

Illustration from Red Rosa by Kate Evans, Verso, 2015 The Library holds nearly 33,000 books – plus any number of pamphlets, leaflets and newspapers, all full of words, words, words.   We also have a goodly number of items designed specifically to attract the eye – banners, posters, paintings, ceramics, even t-shirts.

An interesting new line of acquisitions for us brings the two together.  In graphic books on a political theme, the focus of a book is at least as much on its visual appeal as on its words.  As a review of Kate Evans’s Red Rosa in the most recent issue of the journal Socialist History says, quoting artist Edward Hopper – ‘If you could say it in words there would be no need to paint’.

If you were a graphic artist, which radical biography or story would you choose to re-tell?

Coop graphic novel cover