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Last updated:07 May 2015

Irish pamphlet collection

To complement our collection of books on Ireland, the library also holds an extensive collection of just over 1000 pamphlets about Ireland, both North and South.

Easter Rising in Ballad and Song : Front cover of C. Desmond Greaves' book The Easter Rising in

Front cover of C. Desmond Greaves` book The Easter Rising in Song

The collection is made up of pamphlets collected by Ruth and Eddie Frow and also the pamphlet collection of the late C Desmond Greaves whose library was donated to us by his executor, Anthony Coughlan.

It also contains pamphlets about Ireland that have been donated to the library over the years. They cover a variety of subjects, including the Easter Rising and the troubles in Northern Ireland.

The pamphlets complement the selection of books we have in our Irish collection, which is made up of the books of T.A. (Tommy) Jackson as well as those of C. Desmond Greaves and of Ruth and Eddie.

Click here to see a selected list of books from our Irish collection

To help library users identify items in the book collection using the online catalogue, all the books have been given the geographic keyword Ireland.


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