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Last updated:07 May 2015

Irish Collection: selected bibliography

Photograph of books from the WCML Irish collectionThis brief bibliography, divided by topics and personalities of note in Irish political history, used together with the essay on the Collection, will give some idea of what the Library can offer.

General Histories The United Irishmen Home Rule & Anti-Home rule
James Connolly Civil War 1916-1923 Labour History
Emigration The Arts & Literature The Emmet Uprising
Daniel O'Connell Agricultural History The Land League
The Young Irelanders Women's History  


General Histories

Thomas Moore, History of Ireland: from the earliest kings of the realm down to its last chief. 4 vols (no date) - Shelfmark: G09

Thomas Leland, The history of Ireland: from the invasion of Henry II. 3 vols (1773) - Shelfmark: G55

Alice Stopford Green, The making of Ireland and its undoing, 1200-1600 (1908) - Shelfmark: G04

William EH Lecky, A history of Ireland in the eighteenth century. 5 vols (1892) - Shelfmark: G10

John Mitchel, The history of Ireland from the treaty of Limerick to the present time (ca. 1883) - Shelfmark: G06



The United Irishmen

William Theobald Tone, (ed). Life of Theobald Wolfe Tone, founder of the United Irish Society, and Adjutant General Chef de Brigade in the service of the French and Batavian republics: 2 vols. (1826) - Shelfmark G08

Theobald Wolfe Tone, Life and adventures of Theobald Wolfe Tone (no date) - Shelfmark: G27

Thomas Moore, The life and death of Lord Edward FitzGerald. 2 vols (1831) - Shelfmark: G24

Richard R Madden, Antrim and Down in '98: The lives of Henry Joy McCracken, James Hope, William Putnam McCabe, Rev. James Porter, Henry MunroBurns (no date) - Shelfmark: G02

Charles Gavan Duffy, Young Ireland: a fragment of Irish history, 1840-1850 (1880) - Shelfmark: G07

John Mitchel, Jail Journal (1921) - Shelfmark: G06

Arthur Griffith, (ed). Meagher of the sword: speeches of Thomas Francis Meagher in Ireland, 1846-1848 (1916) - Shelfmark: G37



Home Rule and Anti-Home Rule

R Barry O'Brien, The life of Charles Stewart Parnell, 1846-1891. 2 vols (1899) - Shelfmark: G26

TP O'Connor, The Parnell movement: with a sketch of Irish parties from 1848 (1886) - Shelfmark: G20

R Barry O'Brien, (ed.) Home Rule: speeches by John Redmond (1910) - Shelfmark: G43

H Brougham Leech, The continuity of the Irish revolutionary movement, 1848 and 1912 (ca. 1912) - Shelfmark: G19

Irish Loyal and Patriotic Union, Publications issued during the year 1886 - Shelfmark: G19

Irish Loyal and Patriotic Union, Publications issued during the year 1888 - Shelfmark: G19

Irish Loyal and Patriotic Union, Publications issued during the year 1890 - Shelfmark: G19



James Connolly

Nora Connolly O'Brien, Portrait of a rebel father (1935) - Shelfmark: G02

C Desmond Greaves, The life and times of James Connolly (1961) - Shelfmark: G32

James Connolly, Labour in Ireland (1920) - Shelfmark G04

James Connolly, Collected works. 2 vols (1987) - Shelfmark: G34

RM Fox, James Connolly: the forerunner (1946) - Shelfmark: G24



Civil War, 1916-1923

Weekly Irish Times, Sinn Fein rebellion handbook, Easter 1916 (1917) - Shelfmark: G18

Rebel Cork's fighting Story, 1916-1921: told by the men who made it (1947) - Shelfmark: G45

Ernie O'Malley, On another man's wound (1936) - Shelfmark: G38

Ruth Dudley Edwards, Patrick Pearse: the triumph of failure (1977) - Shelfmark: G38

Constance Markievicz, Prison letters of Constance Markievicz (1934) - Shelfmark: G17

Labour Party, Report of the Labour Commission to Ireland (1921) - Shelfmark: G03



Labour History

J Dunsmore Clarkson, Labour and nationalism in Ireland (1925) - Shelfmark: G32

WP Ryan, The Irish labour movement from the twenties to our own day (1919) - Shelfmark: G22

Emmet Larkin, James Larkin: Irish labour leader 1876-1947 (1965) - Shelfmark: G37

John W Boyle, The Irish labour movement in the nineteenth century (1988) - Shelfmark: G57




John Denvir, The Irish in Britain from the earliest times to the fall and death of Parnell (1894) - Shelfmark - G54

Thomas Gallagher, Paddy's lament: Ireland l846-1847 - prelude to hatred (1988) - Shelfmark: G56

John Francis Maguire, The Irish in America (1868) - Shelfmark: G56



The Arts and Literature

C Desmond Greaves, Sean O'Casey: politics and art (1979) - Shelfmark: G32

Padraic H Pearse, Plays, stories, poems (1958) - Shelfmark: G58

Augustus JC Hare, (ed.) The life and letters of Maria Edgeworth. 2 vols (1894) - Shelfmark: G59

James Clarence Mangan, Poems (1859) - Shelfmark: G29

William Carleton, Traits and stories of the Irish peasantry. 2 vols (1862) - Shelfmark: G59

James Gordon, History of the rebellion in Ireland In the year 1798 (1803) - Shelfmark: G06



The Emmet Uprising

Richard R Madden, The life and times of Robert Emmet (1846) - Shelfmark: G01

A report of the trial of Robert Emmet, upon an indictment for high treason. In Scully's Irish Catholics' Advice (1803) - Shelfmark: G01

Thomas Davis, The speeches of the Right Honourable John Philpot Curran (1845) - Shelfmark: G07

William Henry Curran, The life of the right honourable John Philpot Curran, late Master of the Rolls in Ireland. 2 vols (1822) - Shelfmark: G03

Charles Phillips, Curran and his contemporaries (1851) - Shelfmark: G07



Daniel O'Connell

Daniel O'Connell, Observations on Corn Laws, on political pravity and ingratitude (1842) - Shelfmark: G08

Robert Huish, The memoirs, private and political, of Daniel O'Connell, esq.: from the year 1776 to the close of the proceedings in Parliament, for the repeal of the union (1836) - Shelfmark: G27

MF Cusack, The speeches and public letters of the liberator. 2 vols (1875) - Shelfmark: G26

John O'Connell, (ed.) The select speeches of Daniel O'Connell 2 vols (1862) - Shelfmark: G26



Agricultural History

James Godkin, The land-war in Ireland (1870) - Shelfmark: G12

Thomas Campbell Foster, Letters on the condition of the people of Ireland (1846) - Shelfmark: G06

James S Donnelly, The land and the people of nineteenth century Cork (1975) - Shelfmark: G53

Society of Friends, The transactions of the Central Relief Committee of the Society of Friends during the famine in Ireland in 1846 and 1847 (1852) - Shelfmark: G05



The Land League

Michael Davitt, The fall of feudalism in Ireland, or the story of the Land League revolution (1904) - Shelfmark: G03

Michale Davitt, Leaves from a Prison Diary. 2 vols (1885) - Shelfmark: G02

TW Moody, Davitt and Irish revolution, 1846-82 (1981) - Shelfmark: G35

Michael JF McCarthy, The Irish revolution: volume I, the murdering time - from the Land League to the first Home Rule Bill (1912) - Shelfmark: G19



The Young Irelanders

The spirit of the nation: political songs and national ballads (1843) - Shelfmark: G03

Thomas Davis, National and historical ballads, songs, and poems (1876) - Shelfmark: G05



Women's History

Mary McNeill, The life and times of MaryAnn McCracken 1770-1866: a Belfast panorama (1960) - Shelfmark: G37

RM Fox, Louie Bennett: her life and times (ca. 1957) - Shelfmark: G35

RB McDowell, Alice Stopford Green: a passionate historian (1967) - Shelfmark: G36

Eileen Fairweather, Roisin McDonough, and Melanie McFadyean, Only the rivers run free: Northern Ireland - the women's war (1984) - Shelfmark: G56

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