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Jim Allen's Work


  • Coronation Street (Granada) 36 episodes 1965-1966, 1 episode May 1967 co-written with John Finch
  • The Hard Word (Thirty Minute Theatre, BBC2) 12th May 1966 - Producer Kenith Trodd, Director Ridley Scott
  • The Lump (The Wednesday Play, BBC1) 1st February 1967 - Producer Tony Garnett, Director Jack Gold)
  • The Man Beneath (The Gamblers series, Rediffusion) 7th December 1967 - Producer Tim Aspinall, Executive Producer Stella Richman, Director Norman Wise
  • The Pub Fighter (Half Hour Story series) 27th February 1968 - Producer Stella Richman, Associate Producer Paul Knight, Director Marc Miller
  • The Big Flame (The Wednesday Play, BBC1) 19th February 1969 - Producer Tony Garnett, Director Ken Loach
  • The Talking Head (Saturday Night Theatre, LWT) 30th August 1969 Producer Kenith Trodd, Director James Gatward
  • The Rank and File (Play for Today BBC1) 19th May 1971 - Producer Graeme McDonald, Director Ken Loach
  • Walt, King of the Dumper (Thirty Minute Theatre, BBC2) 20th September 1971 - Producer Tim Aspinall, Director Jack Gold
  • The Punchy and The Fairy (Thirty Minute Theatre, BBC) 10th January 1973 - Producer Anne Head, Director Roy Battersby
  • In The Heel of the Hunt (Saturday Night Theatre, Granada) 16th December 1973 - Producer Brian Armstrong, Director Leslie Woodhead
  • Days of Hope (BBC1) four episodes September-October 1975 - Producer Tony Garnett, Ken Loach
  • The Extremists (Crown Court series, Granada) 3rd December 1975 - Producer Jane Howson, Director Carol Wilks
  • Tell The Truth and Shame The Devil (Crown Court series, Granada) 25th February 1976 - Producer Dennis Woolf, Director Derek Lister
  • End and Means (Crown Court series, Granada) 10th March 1976 - Producer Dennis Woolf, Director Roland Joffe
  • Incorrigible Rogue (Crown Court series, Granada) 17th March 1976 - Producer dennis Woolf, Director Baz Taylor
  • Those in Peril (Crown Court series, Granada) 13th October 1976 - Producer Dennis Woolf, Director Richard Stroud
  • A Choice of Evils (Play for Today, BBC1) 19th April 1977 - Producer Margaret Matheson, Director Jane Howell
  • The Spongers (Play for Today, BBC1) 24th January 1978 - Producer Tony Garnett, Director Roland Joffe
  • United Kingdom (Play for Today, BBC1) 8th December 1981 - Producer Kenith Trodd, Director Roland Joffe
  • Willie's Last Stand (Play for Today, BBC1) 23rd February 1982 - Producer Alan Seymour, Director Brian Parker
  • The Gathering Seed (BBC2) six episodes September-October 1983 - Producer Colin Tucker, Director Tom Clegg


  • Hidden Agenda (1988) - Director Ken Loach
  • Raining Stones (1993) - Director Ken Loach
  • Land and Freedom (1995) - Director Ken Loach


  • *Perdition - Director Ken Loach
  • Gate Theatre (1999) - Director Elliot Levey.

* Was to have been performed at Royal Court London; the management cancelled it after huge public controversy. One off performance given at Edinburgh Festival in August 1987.