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Last updated:01 May 2015

Ewan MacColl

Ewan MacColl will be known to most people as a songwriter and singer, but he was also of significant influence in the worlds of theatre and radio broadcasting. He was a committed socialist all his life and his political sensibilities underpinned all his creative activities.

Uranium 235 coverEwan MacColl was the adopted name of Jimmie Miller who was born in Salford, Lancashire of Scottish parents.  He left school at the age of fourteen and became a keen member of the Young Communist League, and a political comrade of Eddie Frow (co-founder of the Working Class Movement Library).

The WCML's holdings include material from all aspects of Ewan's political and cultural life. We have created a set of Web pages which explore that material - click here to go to our Ewan MacColl Web site.

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