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Last updated:10 March 2015



'We Only Want the Earth'

On the centenary of the Easter rising, a WCML exhibition explores the life of one of its leaders, James Connolly, socialist, trade unionist, nationalist and revolutionary.  We only want the earth reveals the life and prolific works of this enigmatic man. Exhibition open Wednesdays to Fridays 1-5pm, and the...


Dare Devil Rides to Jarama

Marking the 80th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War, Dare Devil Rides To Jarama is a new play based on the experiences of the International Brigades during the Spanish Civil War. Looking at the powerful political and economic forces that engulfed 1930s Europe, the play follows why so many...


LGBT History Month - Julie Bindel

We are pleased to welcome journalist, writer, broadcaster and researcher Julie Bindel to speak as we mark LGBT History Month.  Her topic is 'Growing up as working class and lesbian in the North of England'. Julie has been active in the global campaign to end violence towards women and...


Everyday Austerity - an exhibition

The Everyday Austerity exhibition is the result of two years of research with families in Greater Manchester by Dr Sarah Marie Hall, which gathered first-hand, personal accounts of everyday life in austerity. These accounts have been turned into a series of original drawings by North West zine artist Stef Bradley, and...


International Women's Day - Marika Sherwood and Peggy Mulongo

We will mark International Women's Day with a talk by Marika Sherwood on Claudia Jones’s remarkable life – Claudia (1915-1964) was born in Trinidad; her parents took her to the US as a child and she was subsequently imprisoned for her political activities and later deported to the UK. ...


Trevor Fisher talk - 'Reclaiming the Blanketeers'

March 2017 sees the 200th anniversary of the March of the Blanketeers, probably the first attempt at a protest march from a provincial city to Westminster. Now largely obscure, the precedent once established has been used ever since, and the organisers had devised a tactic which deserves to be...


Geoff Andrews talk on James Klugmann, 'The Shadow Man'

Dr Andrews has researched and published widely on the history of political ideas and movements. His latest book The Shadow Man: at the Heart of the Cambridge Spy Circle (I.B. Tauris, 2015), explores the political commitments of those attracted to communism in Britain in the 1930s, and through the...


Book launch - biography of Noah Ablett

Robert Turnbull's Climbing Mount Sinai: Noah Ablett 1883-1935 is the first full-length biographical study of one of the most controversial personalities to emerge from the South Wales coalfield in the era preceding WW1, an era of unparalleled industrial militancy in which Ablett played a leading role. The book tells...


Ruth Cohen talk - 'Margaret Llewelyn Davies: socialist, feminist and co-operator'

This talk explores how Margaret, an inspiring and visionary campaigner, led the Women's  Co-operative Guild between 1889 and 1921 -  a period in which it became an outstanding public voice for working-class women, and has also been described as the ‘left wing’ of the co-operative movement. This talk is...


Deborah Mutch talk - 'What I mean, my dear': The Woman Worker and the male voice

The Woman Worker began on 1 September 1907 when it was published by the National Federation of Women Workers and edited by Mary R. Macarthur.  Although intended by its founder, Robert Blatchford, as the first workers'/socialist publication specifically for women, from the very first issue there was clearly going to...

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