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Last updated:10 March 2015



The Olimpiada Popular of 1936 and the worker sport movement in the inter-war years

Talk by Ray Physick. Organisations linked to the international worker sport movement responded to an invitation from the Comité Organizador de la Olimpiada Popular (COOP) to take part in an alternative Olympics, the Olimpiada Popular, in Barcelona in July 1936.  It is estimated that some 10,000 athletes and 25,000...


'We Only Want the Earth'

On the centenary of the Easter rising, a WCML exhibition explores the life of one of its leaders, James Connolly, socialist, trade unionist, nationalist and revolutionary.  We only want the earth reveals the life and prolific works of this enigmatic man. Exhibition open Wednesdays to Fridays 1-5pm, and the...


Black History Month talk - Lou Kushnick

'Race, racism and the working class struggle' - talk by Lou Kushnick, founder of the Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Race Relations Resource Centre.


Protests and public space in Lancashire and Yorkshire in the age of radicals and the Chartists, 1789-1848

Talk by Katrina Navickas, Univesrity of Hertfordshire. This talk examines how radicals and Chartists in early 19th century Lancashire and Yorkshire contested restrictions on their right to meet and speak in public spaces. It also showcases an exciting new 3D visualisation of a Chartist procession in 1840s Manchester. This free talk is part of our autumn Invisible Histories series. All...


"Organise, educate and agitate": trade unionism and office workers in Britain, 1914-39

Talk by Nicole Robertson, Sheffield Hallam University. The rising prominence of the clerical sector was one of the most important changes in the twentieth century workplace. As organisations grew larger and more complex the need for greater communication and documentation transformed office work. Clerical workers became a key component...


Museums at Night - Quiet Loner and Jennifer Reid

Broadside ballads from the Manchester region from the ‘Middleton Linnet’ Jennifer Reid form a counterpoint to Battle for the Ballot, in which singer-songwriter Quiet Loner uses original songs to tell the story of how working people came to have a vote.  The story will take in events like the...


Charlotte Delaney's 'Sweet Responsibility' - first UK reading

In April 2016 Charlotte Delaney, playwright and daughter of Shelagh Delaney (the Salford writer of A Taste of Honey, Dance with a Stranger and other plays) retraced an epic rail journey across America that her mother had first made in 1972. She was accompanied by Selina Todd, historian and author of The...


Engels, the Burns Family and the Manchester Irish

Talk by Mervyn Busteed, British Association for Irish Studies. Mervyn will discuss Engels's personal background in both Germany and Manchester, his reliance on the work of earlier sanitary reformers and help from Mary Burns for the material on the Manchester Irish in his classic work on the condition of...


Voting for Change edit-a-thon

The Library and the People's History Museum are working together to acquire material related to the fight for the vote, from the Peterloo protest in 1819 to lowering the voting age in 1969.  We need your help to share knowledge of these significant moments in British history and invite...


Albert Evans, Bolton WW1 conscientious objector

Talk by Malcolm Pittock. Veteran Bolton peace campaigner Malcolm will talk about his uncle Albert Evans, one of the conscientious objectors taken to France in 1916, put before a firing squad and then reprieved at the last minute.  The talk will include sound recordings of Albert speaking about his...