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Benny Rothman's papers held in the library

Environment & rambling issues

Box 1
Access to moorland, SCAM Sheffield Campaign for Access to Moorland) council policy on access (pre-Sheffield)
to mountains 1884/1984;
to common land in 90's;
to West Pennines 1957;
Liverpool/Lancs agreement 1957,
Settle Carlisle rally 1984
British Mountaineering Council
Cavedale rally

Box 2
Countryside Commission (also see Rights of Way, Open Spaces, Peak & Northern Footpath Soc.)
Pennine Way project; misc. pamphlets
Midshires Way 1994 launch
Permissive access, Stewardship

Box 3
Jews and the countryside
Lake District, Friends of; Thirlmere plan, Haweswater (1988)
National Parks Council, Peak Dist., Cairngorms, Lake Dist., Brecon Beacons etc.
National Trust
National Turst - Park Hill estate Hayfield
Open Spaces Soc., news releases 1984/94 (also see Country Commission, National Parks, Rights of Way, Ramblers Ass., B.M.C., Peak & N.Footpath Soc.)

Box 4
Packhorse trails - South Pennines Oct. 1990, W.Pennine moors
Peak Park 40th anniversary 1991, Peak Park policy notes, conservation leaflets
Peak & Northern Footpaths Soc., annual reports 1985/92, footpath programme 1990/92, Peak Park Trust Footpath Fund
Peak and Northern Footpaths Society, Minutes March 1986/Feb. 1991, Don Lee
Peak Park oil drilling; quarrying

Box 5
Peak Park Planning Board
Red Rope, Hope Valley conference Oct 1985
Rights of Way Act 1990 (also see Open Spaces, Country Commission, access to moorland)
SCOSPA; Standing Committee Of South Pennine Authorities
Environmental assessment 1988. Min. of Agriculture guidelines North Peak farmers
Environment matters
Motorways, public inquiry, protests A556 (M), M6/M56 link, M3 Twyford, Altrincham/Sale bypass
Snowdonia, overground pipeline to Cwm Dyli power station

Box 6
Kinder Scout Advisory Committee:
Grouse shooting;
Minutes 1982/94;
Moorland fires;
Kinder Scout
Nat. Trust Appeal £200,000
Talks to organisations, student letters
Book - original draft, corrections, 'Trespassers will be prosecuted'

Box 7
Trespass 1932. Court proceedings, notes by Benny;
50th anniversary April 24 1982
Edale plaque, Ewan MacColl
New Mills plaque 1994
Miscellaneous, anniversaries; correspondence
Mike Harding play 'Free Man on Sunday'
TV play 'Manchester Rambler'

Box 8
Any Questions? Forum;
50th anniversary Reunion Oct 31 1982
Press cuttings: 1982, 1988
1932: list of original participants, some of their memories.
1991 articles (including long one by Benny)
Interview, Graeme Atkinson 'Socialist Worker';
TV, BBC etc. radio;
Williams Clough agreement 1897
Rucksack articles 1979/80, Stephen Morton, Tom Stephenson

Box 9
Trespass 60th anniversary 1992, anniversary committee minutes
Forbidden Britain 1990
Forbidden Britain 1991

Box 10
Ramblers' Association,
European access to countryside, Losehill Hall
Forestry Commission, Woodland walks;
Manchester area, EC/AGM minutes 1991/3, annual reportsNational Council 1988/92;
News releases, campaign notes, correspondence, reports
Wildlife concerns;

Greater Manchester issues

Box 11
Ashton Moss development, public inquiry 1991/3;
Aspects of Altrincham 1986+, WEA, Don Lee/Benny
Bacup Moors action group, quarries 1947/8,1990;
Benny's Bus 1990
Bolton rights of way committee, Winter Hill 1896, Elton reservoir etc.
East Manchester strategic development 1988/9, Olympic bid 2000, 1992
Friends of the Earth, Glossop/Manchester, water privatisation, pollution, erosion study, proposed Peak Dist. road
Ghyll Head Outdoor Education Centre (MEC) silver jubilee 1992

Box 12
Association of Greater Manchester Authorities (AGMA) Countryside unit, Warden/Rangers' conference 1990
Structure plan 1986, Stockport land plan appeal;
Heaton Park;
Kingswater Park development - protests 1990+;
Losehill Hall, Castleton, courses - Benny's part 1986/90
Manchester airport, carpark/2nd runway objections1991/3, Cotterill Clough
Manchester Environment charter 1990's, M/c 2000
Manchester Environmental Forum, M/c FoE, Global forum 1994

Box 13
History, sewage scheme, M/c water supply;
Metrolink extension proposals, airport, East M/c etc.
N/W. Federation 1989/90 sport, recreation, conservation;
New Mills bypass 1988 protests
'Timperley Independent' Benny's weekly column 1990's, Crofton Ave footpath
Altrincham crossing objections 1993;
Benny's allotments
Broadheath/Trafford Park industrial committee,
Timperley Brook plan
Davenport Green development - protests 1990/3; Press cuttings;

Box 14
Dunham Massey footpaths
Footpath closures 1970/90, Sale water park, Mall & Town Square, canal towpath
Mersey basin campaign 1989/90;
Toxic waste incinerator, objections 1990, Gtr M/c Hazards Centre, pollution data, dioxins
Unitary development plan

Box 15
Urmston local history, Flixton trial 1827 on footpath closure;
White Peak walks 1993
Wythenshawe Park

Key rambling figures/water privatisation/biographical material

Box 16
Book reviews, launches;
Howard Hill; 'The right to roam'
Stephen Morton
Marion Shoard;
Tom Stephenson;
Tom Waghorn
GHB Ward

Box 17
Talks, thanks to Benny, help requested;
TV interviews
Transcripts of interviews with Benny Rothman:
Interview for Socialist Worker 25 Feb 1978,
Interview with Stephen Jones 3 Aug 1981, Interview on 7 Jun 1985
Water Act 1989, code of practice, Water Bill 1989, water quality
Authorities & Privatisation
JAWS (Joint Action for Water Services);

Box 18
Local authority statements, conferences
NW Water, Severn Trent Water, NW statement of intent & intent, Lever Park, Longdendale etc.
Privatisation, Elan Valley campaign 1989
Peak Park Petition,
M/c City council, history: M/c water supply
Yorkshire Water
Rivington Pike
Rivington Rally petition signatures;
Post-Rivington, eve of flotation Nov.1989;
Pre-Rivington 1989

Box 19
Rivington Rally May 1989 & petition
Rivington Pledge Committee, conference, March 1990, pledges
Rothman, Benny:
Biographical material;
Personal & family;

Political and industrial life

Box 20
Accounts Book 1966/8 Altrincham & Sale Trades Council etc.
AEU; AEU Met-Vicks shop stewards' movement, Benny's victimisation 1951

Box 21
AEEU Kearns-Richards (Staveley Machine Tools) shop stewards'movement
AEU shop stewards'course 1969, productivity bargaining 1966/9;
AEU Timperley, B.A. & Ringway airport;

Box 22
Altrincham & Sale Trades Council, conf. On unemployment (Lobby 1971? 76?)
Broadheath shop stewards:
Atlantic crossing 1967,correspondence, petitions;
Churchill closure 1972
Forum 1971/3
Wage agreements, rates
British Soviet Friendship Society 1974 visit to USSR;
British Workers' Sports Federation 1924/36, Stephen Jones;

Box 23
CND, peace, national demo. Coulport 1986, media transcription service
CP policy, access to countryside; CP;
NW CPB district congress 1988/90;
CPGB 1965 congress, Benny's notes
Conservative Party & Water privatisation
Criminal Justice & Public Order bill 1994 protest campaign, Twyford Down
Fascism/Racism, Mosley in M/c, M/c TU Education, Danish project;
Labour Party programme on Access 1990, LP & environment

Box 24
Military use of land:
Holcombe Moor action, campaign & inquiry 1989/92;
Ministry of Defence Peak District
Miners NUM 1984/5 strike:
Prosecution for collections;
Support groups, donations
National Assembly of Women;

Box 25
Public Order Bill 1986 protest campaign
Social & Liberal Democrats conference Blackpool 1990, Head for the hills campaign
Socialist Holiday camp Keswick 1949;
Woodcraft Folk;
Young Communist League;
Mailing lists

From the Socialist Holiday Camp at Keswick August 1949, run by Benny:

There's a little camp for "Commies"
To the south of Keswick Town
Where the comrades sit in leaky tents
And the rain comes pouring down.
There's a Commissar called Silver
Who has a heart of gold,
With friendly smiles he welcomes us
To his dark and hungry fold.
There's a lovely blonde called Betty
Who is everybody's taste,
She was pure till by some comrades
Up a mountain she was chased.
There are comrades down from Scotland
Who forgot to bring their cash,
There's a comrade from Much Binding
With a handlebar moustache.
There's a broken-hearted woman
Sings nightly of "Joe Hill",
When the camp site is deserted
She'll be up there singing still.
There's a doctor from Calcutta
Who sells "Workers" by the score,
Every comrade brings his pennies
When he hears that tiger roar.
Lysenko isn't at the camp
But Mendel was instead,
The "Battleaxe" and "Gloria Gin"
And good old portly "Ted".

There's a singer from Jamaica
And a crooner right from "Brum"
Who sings as if his larynx
Was located in his ???
There's a camera fiend called Benny
Who takes snaps by hill and wood,
But the snap that we'd all like to see
Is his portrait in the nude.
But when the Revolution comes
We'll be repaid in full,
They say if you stuck the S.H.C.,
You'll well deserve to rule.
There's no sugar for the porridge,
There's no blankets for the bed,
But the cart comes round at daybreak
To collect the sick and dead.

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